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Let the Kids go Camping!

Bearded Tang & Old Standby Charity Collab—A Beer to Support Campouts for Kids who need it Most!

The second charity collaboration as part of my “Wild Idea for 2022” has dropped at Bearded Tang Brewing in Stanton, California. On Beach Boulevard in sunny Southern California, you’ll find one of the most amazing public markets ever created—Rodeo 39. The Public Market has something for everyone: World-Class Cuisine from Asia, Latin America, Europe, The Pacific Islands, and America as well as shopping, cocktails, desserts, a nail shop, an arcade, a florist, a tattoo shop, and as if that wasn’t enough to satisfy, way in the back, you’ll find award-winning beers from my good pals at Bearded Tang Brewing.

One of the brewers at Bearded Tang is my long-time friend, Jerrod Larsen. Jerrod and I have been through a ton of years together going all the way back to Mayfair High School in Lakewood, California. After we graduated, back in 1993, we rocked clubs and back-yard parties all over southern California with our punk band Poultry (in the band pic above, Jerrod is center on the mic & I‘m on the far right playing bass). After the band fizzled out, we were pretty thirsty, so we started brewing beer with my older brother who brought home the first beer making kit in 1996. These first few batches of beer, made on the stove-top in my East Long Beach apartment, are where Old Standby & Jerrod’s eventual pro brewing career originated. Over the years, Jerrod and I teamed up to brew plenty of back-yard beers and then at Tustin Brewing, where Jerrod started his professional brewing career. Then in 2020, Bearded Tang needed an additional award-winning brewer to join the team as the new brewery launched, so Jerrod took the promotion which brings us to my next charity collaboration of 2022.

Once again with the support of my incredible ingredients suppliers: Imperial Yeast, Yakima Valley Hops, & LINC Malt, I was able to team up with Bearded Tang to brew a tasty double IPA to support The Dream Street Foundation who provides camping programs for children with cancer, blood disorders, & chronic and life-threatening diseases. Dream Street operates summer camps in 6 different states and with charitable donations, is able to provide camping outings free of charge to all who attend. A portion of the proceeds of “Dream Street IIPA” will be donated to this amazing charity.

For this beer, we split the base malt between LINC’s Genie Pale & Pils malts. Due to the tight relationship that LINC has with the farmers & supply chain partners, half of the malt was donated by LINC while the other half was donated by Cold Stream Malt & Grain. Cold Stream is a joint venture between Horlacher Farms & Clearwater Farms who have really leaned into the potential of craft malt in the brewing and distilling industries. Yakima Valley Hops donated 55# of fresh Citra, Centennial, Amarillo, Enigma, & Chinook hops for this 100ibu collab & Imperial donated a fresh pitch of their Flagship ale yeast to churn out a full 9% DIPA.

You can find Dream Street DIPA on tap now at Bearded Tang Brewing inside the Rodeo 39 Public Market in Stanton, California. Go have a pint and grab a crowler to take home.



Old Standby Brewing

PS: Hey homebrewers! If you want to brew Dream Street DIPA on your kit, click here for the recipe!

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