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Founded in 2017
brewing since 1996

Old Standby Brewing

The Full Story

In 1996 in East Long Beach, California, Ryan's brother showed up to their apartment with a home-brew kit, and he had no idea where this hobby would take him. Those first few batches on the stovetop didn't turn out too good, but the brothers and their friends drank them anyway. After a short time their home brewing expanded, they were buying more equipment, and soon they were brewing practically every weekend. 

After college, Ryan moved to Oregon in 2006 to continue his teaching career and started brewing on his own and working at a local brewery. This is where things really exploded and he started entering and winning competitions and teaching homebrewing classes to new brewers in the Willamette Valley. In 2017, he figured it was time to step up to a half barrel electric system and see where it would take him. He decided to start a reliable and trusted brand that would focus on his community and contributing to local charities in the Pacific Northwest. 

Since then, Ryan has been involved in brewing projects with home brewers and commercial breweries that have raised over $21,000 for charity. His wild idea for 2022 has taken off and with the support of amazing brands, he is continuing to work with local breweries who share his commitment to the community. Cheers!


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